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“Why might citizens hold virtual currencies rather than physical dollars, euros, or sterling? Because it may one day be easier and safer than obtaining paper bills, especially in remote regions. And because virtual currencies could actually become more stable.”
– Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The MillionaireAsia Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit 

29 November 2017 , Singapore

Keynote by Wall Street Investment Legend JIM ROGERS, on the topic “What is Going to Happen to Money Now?”

MillionaireAsia Pte Ltd (Singapore) is pleased to organize The MillionaireAsia Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit to be held in Singapore on November 29, 2017. This will be an Investor Focused Conference on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. Rapid advances in digital technology are transforming the financial services landscape and such transformations generate new opportunities for consumers as well as service providers and regulators.

Industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology include:

  • Government
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Travel Industry
  • Energy
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment/Music and many more

Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is suggesting that banks invest in cryptocurrencies and has urged the fintech industry to provide solutions for consumers related to trust, security, financial services, and privacy in this area.

The combined market capitalization of Cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed from US$18 billion at the start of the year to US$100 billion in July. This threshold break is due largely to Bitcoin which recently hit a record high of over US$6,000 (over SG$8,000) in August 2017 with a market cap of over US$70 billion.

Interest in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies has also spiked.

One of the objectives of the Summit is also to update delegates on the latest in regulatory issues by governments in Cryptocurrencies and to guide corporations and investors about Blockchain technology and how to deal with Cryptocurrencies.

Who Should Attend
• Cryptocurrency Investors and those curious about this space
• Corporations Planning an Initial Coin Offering ( ICO)
• Government officials in charge of Monetary Policy & regulators
• Top Players in the Cryptocurrency Space
• Analysts and Media active in covering Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
• Industries that are disrupted by technology
• Anyone interested to find out more about Blockchain technology and its applications & potential.
• Banking & Financial Associations

Key Event Highlights
• Top-level keynotes
• Solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the Blockchain space
• Networking lunch, coffee breaks and invite-only post event themed networking dinner and drinks.
• Morning Panel Discussion on "The Future of Money: Can cryptocurreny mainstream into the 5th Asset Class? Key challenges and how to overcome them"
• Afternoon Panel Discussion on "Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): a passing fad or permanent disruption to the VC market?"

Event Date, Time and Venue

Date: 29 of November (Wednesday) 2017, Singapore
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm (followed by VIP networking dinner from 7.00-9.00pm)
*Access to VIP networking dinner is reserved for VIP pass holders only*
Venue: The Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

 No Delegates will be permitted to enter without Registration.

Speaker Highlights:

Keynote Speaker 1: Jim Rogers

Topic: “What is Going to Happen to Money Now?”

The keynote will be by legendary Wall Street investor Jim Rogers, who is an author, financial commentator, adventurer, and successful international investor. After attending Yale and Oxford University, Rogers co-founded a fund with a portfolio that would go on to gain 4200% over the next 10 years, allowing Rogers to retire at age 37.  He has been frequently featured in Time, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Business Times, and many media outlets worldwide.  He has also appeared as a regular commentator and columnist in various media and has been a professor at Columbia University.

Keynote Speaker 2 : Dennis Kucinich

Topic: “Government Regulation Dynamics of Emerging Global Markets (including cryptocurrency): how to swiftly put self-regulatory best practices standards into place"

Former US Congressman Dennis Kucinich (1997-2013) served as chairman of the Government Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy during the 2007-08 financial collapse. As Chair he uncovered and investigated the lapses, failures and illegal activities that led to the sub-prime meltdown, and the lack of oversight by the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Congressman Kucinich scrutinized top executives of the US government, Wall Street and the banking industry in his hearings. This puts him in a unique position to talk about governance and internal standards while helping to facilitate a timely conversation within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Speaker: Michael Mathias

Topic: "Quantum Value: The Key to Unlocking Prosperity."

Michael Mathias is the Founder and CEO of DasCoin. He has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, including the past 10 years as a digital technology entrepreneur. He was Founder and President of location-based social media company Mojo Media (acquired in October, 2014), as well as Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming. Previously, he spent 10 years as a strategic consultant working with a variety of business clients including JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Sliema, Malta.


Speaker: Terry O’Hearn

Topic: "The Blockchain & the Evolutionary Impact on Financial Services."

Terry O’Hearn is the Founder and Executive Chairman of DasFinancial. He is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in corporate finance, commodities, retail and technology. He was Founder and CEO of the retail business Outdoor Access Group, the technology company iMOZI Canada Inc. and the corporate finance and commodities business Taymad International Corp. He was also Founder and President of DOLFIN Developments West Ltd & Safari Corporation – a technology company. He attended Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Calgary and is a resident of Phuket, Thailand.

Speaker: Blair Baker

Topic: "Understanding Cryptocurrencies & Liquidity."

Blair Baker is the Chief Executive Officer of Das Payments Limited. Mr Baker develops and structures Blockchain use cases to introduce dynamic utility to the DasNet ecosystem. During his career, Blair co-launched the world's largest foreign exchange trading company in New York, a company that provides more than US$ 250 billion in monthly liquidity to the capital markets. He also served as a central banker in Asia for four years, reporting directly to the Governor of the central bank on policy and the global capital markets.

Speaker: Anna Hejka

Topic: “How  Blockchain technology can transform business operating models. A special focus on smart contracts."

Poland native Anna Hejka is the CEO of Heyka Capital Markets, Founder & Managing Partner of Poland Growth Fund III and the first female director of the DasCoin Board. Anna is the founder of 20 companies and has founded 5 Private Equity and VC funds. Having previously worked as a Commercial Banking Officer at JP Morgan Chase and an investment banker at Solomon Brothers and a star of Dragons' Den in Poland, Anna has received numerous awards including the title of Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Speaker: Daniel Dabek

Topic: "Crypto-Commerce: The Road to Mass Adoption.”

Daniel Dabek is the cryptocurrency market analyst and blockchain expert behind Safex, San Francisco. He is also a Blockchain Advisor to DasCoin, and an Investment Manager at Balkaneum. Daniel has a long history of portfolio management, first becoming interested in crypto-assets and blockchain technology in the early days of Bitcoin. Since, he has actively traded & managed crypto-assets and portfolios while consulting individuals and investors on all things Crypto. Daniel’s experience in both the asset management and computer science fields provides him with a unique mix of both technical programming & alpha generating abilities.

Speaker: Marcus Phuah

Topic: "Legal Aspects and Latest Legal & Regulatory Issues concerning Blockchain & Cryptocurrency adoption.”

Marcus Phuah is the founder and owner of specialist law practice Marcus Phuah & Co., and Managing Director of Legalasia Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd. His practice is also a member firm of Mozaic Group Law Practice. Marcus is a seasoned negotiator and business lawyer, having extensive experience negotiating and successfully concluding complex multi-million dollar projects across Asia-Pacific. He has previously practiced at one of the world’s leading international law firms, Eversheds, and has led legal for some of Asia’s biggest petrochemical/oil & gas groups and biggest natural resources conglomerates.

Speakers: Ramani Ramchandran & Gautam Seshadri 

Topic: "Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class: A fundamentalist approach to investing in Cryptocurrencies"

Ramani Ramchandran and Gautam Seshadri are partners at a CIMA registered open ended fund called 108 capital which aims to actively manage portfolios of cryptocurrencies with some exposure to pre-sales of leading ICOs.

Gautam is an angel investor and advisor to several tech start-ups with nearly 15 years of experience in venture investing, investment banking, strategy and portfolio management. After several years in the Fixed Income Sales & Trading division of UBS Warburg in London Gautam co-founded a start-up in the F&B space in India, which was subsequently exited. He was a member of the founding team at Aarin Capital and led the firm's investments in a number of marquee companies in India and the US including Byju's and Counsyl. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, and invests and closely tracks the burgeoning public crypto/public blockchain asset class. 


Speaker: Nawid Habib

Topic: "The Future of ICOs & The Role of ICO Headstart"

Nawid Habib is a Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast & Founder of ICO Headtstart. A son of Afghan immigrants who came to the Netherlands as a refugee at the age of 8, Nawid started and marketed several successful businesses ranging from hospitality and software to healthcare and an environmentally friendly mobile cleaning franchise. In 2014, he found his interest in blockchain technology and ICOs and has invested at an early stage in multiple ICOs which later became a huge success with 1.000s of % in return on investment. In 2017, Nawid founded a unique fundraising platform, ICO HeadStart, which serves to eliminate the problem of ICO’s raising large funds but not delivering on their promises – thus leaving the backers with nothing. By ethically regulating ICO’s, Nawid believes that blockchain companies could contribute to a better world.


Speaker: Dato' Jeremy Smeeton

Topic: "Bitcoin Mining & How You Can Do It Profitibly"

Dato Jeremy Smeeton is the Chief Executive Officer of GAA Palm Power Solutions & Vice- President Operations, of Bit Valley Mining Corporation Limited. A British businessman based in South East Asia since 1987, Dato’ Jeremy founded the GAA Group in 1996 and subsequently expanded it into a number of onshore and offshore jurisdictions worldwide. He has designed and launched 15 investment funds globally, including hedge, quant and venture capital funds, and is a pioneer in the biomass to green energy business in Malaysia. 

Panel #1 Moderator: Ko Kheng Hwa

Panel Topic: "The Future of Money: Can cryptocurrency mainstream into the 5th Asset Class? Key challenges and how to overcome them"

Ko Kheng Hwa is the Former Managing Director of Economic Development Board (EDB Singapore), the lead government agency responsible for developing industries and attracting FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) into Singapore and EDBI (the VC arm of EDB). Currently Senior Advisor to Accenture in China,  Kheng Hwa has more than 30 years of leadership experience, including public and business sector positions like CEO of JTC Corporation, CEO of National Computer Board, CEO of Singbridge International Singapore Pte Ltd (a Temasek-linked company), Chairman of Arcasia (now Ascendas) Land Singapore Pte Ltd and Chairman of the former NASDAQ-listed Pacific Internet Ltd


Panel #2 Moderator: Robert McDowall

Panel Topic: "Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): a passing fad or permanent disruption to the VC market?"

Robert (“Bob”) McDowall is the CEO of UniCap Group and former Member of the States of Alderney, one of the Channel Islands where he currently serves as Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee. A frequent contributor to the financial industry media, Bob has over 35 years of experience in Banking, Securities and Investment, and now has a number of consulting and advisory roles in the private sector including collaboration with Z/yen on development research in block chain and its implications across business sectors. He is a special adviser to Swiss Foundation Cardano, a decentralized platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion.

Panel Speaker: Ramani Ramchandaran

Ramani Ramachandran has 18+ years of experience in management consulting, private equity, product management and general management across the US, Europe and Asia, with companies such as Deloitte, Moody's, Schlumberger, Cornell Capital and Tata Infotech. Currently, Ramani is the CEO of ZPX (Zen Private Exchange), a blockchain-based fintech platform providing liquidity to the private markets. Ramani has a B.Tech from National Institute of Technology (Calicut), India and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA.

Panel Speaker: George Sarcevich

George Sarcevich is  the Director of WebWallet Pte Ltd, Singapore, and is a seasoned international finance and technology executive. His experience includes 10 years as a Wall Street investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and HSBC. He is the Founder of Eagle Ventures, the first technology venture capital targeting the Balkans, Co-founder of Bastion Capital, a Belgrade-based financial advisory firm, and Co-founder and CFO of IX2 Networks, a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services based in Los Angeles. He is also an experienced advisor to the finance ministries of Serbia and Montenegro. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Belgrade, Serbia.

Panel Speaker: Kelvin Tan

Kelvin Tan is head of FinTech & Data at Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX), Technology group. He has spearheaded the successful transformation of SGX into a data-driven organization and is ensuring that SGX's take on  FinTech remains relevant and competitive by leveraging on new emerging technologies such as blockchain. Prior to this, Kelvin was head of Data & Analytics at SGX Derivatives business unit and has also led SGX’s efforts in areas such as data visualization, gamification, automation, quantitative finance and research in market microstructure and high frequency trading.

More speakers to be confirmed soon

*Programme And Speakers May Be Subject To Change Without Prior Notice*

VIP Networking Dinner @ Forlino, Singapore

All delegates holding a VIP pass will be eligible to attend the post-summit Networking Dinner at Italian Fine Dining Restaurant, Forlino.

Date: 29 of November (Wednesday) 2017, Singapore
Time: 7.00-9.00pm (Dinner will take place after the summit)
Venue: 1 Fullerton Rd, One Fullerton #02-06, 049213

*Access to VIP networking dinner is reserved for VIP pass holders only*

Special Delegate Rates @ The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Delegates attending the MillionaireAsia Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit can take advantage of special convention rates at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, a heritage luxury hotel located at the heart of the city. 

  • Courtyard room at $330.00++ per room per night, inclusive of buffet breakfast for 1 person at Town Restaurant and complimentary internet access

++ is 10% service charge and 7% GST tax

To enquire about these special hotel booking rates please email: tfs.reservations@fullertonhotels.com with ‘MA Blockchain Summit Booking’ in the subject line.